Editorial Board

International Journal of E-Entrepreneurship and Innovation (IJEEI)

The main objective of the International Journal of E-Entrepreneurship and Innovation (IJEEI) is to provide an international forum for researchers and practitioners to advance the knowledge and practice of all facets of electronic entrepreneurship and innovation. Emerging e-entrepreneurship and innovation theories, technologies, applications and challenges are emphasized to stimulate and disseminate cutting-edge information into research and business communities in a timely fashion. The secondary objective of this journal is to develop a comprehensive framework of e-entrepreneurship and innovation by taking a multidisciplinary approach to understanding its implications on entrepreneurship, businesses and economies.

International Journal of Services Technology and Management (IJSTM)

The International Journal of Services Technology and Management provides a refereed, authoritative forum in the field of services innovation, services technologies and management, as well as the role of the supply chain, logistics and other related topics. Services cover a wide range of operations and functions, such as human aspects of healthcare, and technological aspects of public services design and management, as well as services provided by the manufacturing sector, information services and the associated cultural, ethical, legal and political aspects; electronic commerce; globalisation in services; and market innovations in services etc.

Journal of Asia Entrepreneurship and Sustainability (JAES)

The Journal publishes and fosters discussion on international, cross-cultural, Asian and Global, and comparative academic research about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship educators, including corporate ''intrapreneurs''. We hope to create a robust academic discussion forum to discover, debate and report on, the cutting edge developments in practical entrepreneurship and sustainable enterprise in for-profit, non-profit and state-operated organizations worldwide, with a special emphasis on achievements which have originated in, are attributable to, or can enhance firm's performances in, Asia and Oceania.