Hochschule St. Gallen

40th St. Gallen Symposium: Entrepreneurs –Agents of Change; Teilnehmer als Teil des “Knowledge Pools” der “Leaders of Tomorrow”, 07.-09.05.2010.

BCERC 2009

Babson Kauffman Entrepreneurship Research Conference: Kollmann, Tobias / Lomberg, Carina: Effects of Leadership Behavior on Employees’ Affect and their Entrepreneurial Creativity. Wellesley, MA/USA.


13. Forum Gründungsforschung: Individual Entrepreneurial Orientation: Concept, Dimensionality and Effects on Creative Performance. 29.-30. Oktober 2009.

AOM 2009

Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2009: The multifaceted nature of individual entrepreneurial orientation and effects on creative performances. 7. bis 11. August, Chicago, Illinois.


Research in Entrepreneurship and Small Business: Filling the Situational Vacuum of the Trait Approach – Entrepreneurial Intentions in Experimentally Manipulated Situations. 20. – 21. November 2008, Covilha, Portugal.


12. Forum Gründungsforschung: Der Einfluss von Person und Gelegenheit auf unternehmerische Intentionen - Eine Analyse mittels experimentell manipulierter Situationen. 6. - 7. November 2008, Dortmund.