Guest Editor

International Journal of Technology Management (IJTM)

The formation of new ventures plays a decisive role in the social and economic develop- ment and is often based on technological innovations. In recent times, especially electronic information technologies (e.g. internet applications, ITV or mobile services) have led to a considerable amount of newly founded companies. The ongoing rapid technological development within the so called net economy allows for even more innovative business models. Young companies are likely to implement such business models based on electronic information and communication networks. Therefore, the term “E-Entrepreneurship” was coined, which describes the formation of new ventures within the net economy.

Against this background, the special issue “E-Entrepreneurship” will highlight the specifics of technology based venturing in the net economy. Central aspects will deal with management, product/service, financing, processes and market access/network of net economy start-ups. The forthcoming special issue of the International Journal of Technology Management will focus on emerging approaches to the theory, measurement and management of start-ups in the net economy

International Journal of E-Entrepreneurship and Innovation (IJEEI)

The main objective of the International Journal of E-Entrepreneurship and Innovation (IJEEI) is to provide an international forum for researchers and practitioners to advance the knowledge and practice of all facets of electronic entrepreneurship and innovation. Emerging e-entrepreneurship and innovation theories, technologies, applications and challenges are emphasized to stimulate and disseminate cutting-edge information into research and business communities in a timely fashion. The secondary objective of this journal is to develop a comprehensive framework of e-entrepreneurship and innovation by taking a multidisciplinary approach to understanding its implications on entrepreneurship, businesses and economies.

In summary, the articles in this special issue provide a wide range of different perspective on the future of electronic business and entrepreneurial behavior associated with the Internet. The special issue thus helps to shed light on potential technological and managerial developments that are very likely to significantly shape the future electronic business environment, highlights emerging thoughts and helps to set the research agenda for the years to come.