S1: Corporate Entrepreneurship


Growth, innovation, and flexibility are the main traits associated with entrepreneurship. Both theorists and practitioners consider these traits desirable not only for entrepreneurial ventures, but also for established corporations. However, the transition from a new venture to an established firm is usually associated with a descent of entrepreneurial spirit and an ascent of bureaucratic management. The integration of theories of organizational development and entrepreneurship results in the concept of corporate entrepreneurship (CE) that focuses on entrepreneurial behavior in larger established organizations. The concept of CE has gained considerable recognition over the past decades. Its popularity stems from the manifold contributions CE can make to a firm’s performance. For example, CE can improve financial indicators of performance, such as returns on assets and company growth. With respect to non-financial outcomes, CE facilitates collaboration, the renewal of operations, and the creation of new products, services, and processes, thus improving the firm’s competitive position. Moreover, CE activates organizational learning which is crucial for acquiring new competencies and capabilities facilitating the exploration of new growth options beyond its traditional markets and industries. However, the concept of CE still raises several questions that will be addressed in this seminar.


  • Advanced Seminar (Fach-/Hauptseminar)
  • Supervisor: Dr. Christoph Stöckmann
  • Kick-off meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 17, 2017 from 3 pm – 4:30 pm.
    The room will be announced.
  • The assignment of individual topics will be arranged in the kick-off meeting
  • The number of participants is limited to 10
  • Students are expected to submit and orally present their assignment in English

Topics include but are not limited to      

  • The organizational pervasiveness of entrepreneurial orientation
  • Organizational factors that promote corporate entrepreneurship
  • Digital transformation and corporate entrepreneurship
  • The role of top management team characteristics
  • Cooperation between (digital) startups and established


  • Please apply online until October 12, 2017, 23:59
  • Use the following link for applying: Application form (available during the application period)
  • Please use your official university e-mail address when applying (e. g. max.mustermann(at)stud.uni-due.de)